sovimpex over 100 years experience
history of Sovimpex

Jean Marie Vial, expert in the manufacturing of « Eau de Cologne » starts the distillation of various Essential
Oils in Provence, such as Lavender oil, Melissa oil, etc.

Antoine Vial extends his distillation to other Essentials Oils such as Cypress oil, Lavandin oil, Peppermint oil etc. At same time he creates in Tunisia the first bitter orange tree garden for the production of Neroli oil. The import of civet has also started in this period.

While maintaining the production of Neroli oil in Tunisia, Antoine Vial Jr, settles down in Marseille and starts importing Essential Oils and other natural aromatic raw materials originating from various countries. The trading concerns Petigrain oil, Vanilla beans, Ylang oils etc.

Raymond Vial extends the range of imported Essential Oils to Geranium oil, Patchouli oil etc. and initiate an export activity of aromatic raw materials to South America and USA. The company becomes a leader in Civet trading.

Since 1987...

Bruno Vial leads Sovimpex activity to 4 mains directions:

Reinforcing the existing partnership with french Essential Oil producers (Carrot seed oil, Lavandin oils, Lovage Root oil, etc.),

• Strengthening exports through the appointment of representative agents based in several countries,

•Production of Natural aroma chemicals and Essential Oils rectification.

• Engagement of the trading of synthetic aroma chemicals. From the beginning delivering mainly the fragrance industry, Sovimpex expends its activity to several new fields such as flavouring, cosmetic, veterinary, pharmaceutical as well as aromatherapy etc.


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